The new century has not ushered in an end to age-old ethnic and religious conflicts around the world.  In the Middle East, peace seems ever elusive as the dangers and the price of ongoing conflict become greater for all sides.  Since 2004, ICfC has worked to bring its expertise in Historical Conciliation to communities in Israel.  With the help of many dedicated Israeli Jews and Arabs, we have helped people make strides towards creating enduring peace.

Rebuilding Arab and Jewish Communities

Our work in Israel began in 2003, when ICfC’s President, Dr. Hillel Levine, convened a group of international experts to train 20 Israeli Arab and Jewish facilitators in ICfC’s method of Historical Conciliation. Between 2004 and 2009, ICfC and its facilitators conducted intensive pilot projects in three multiethnic communities. All were in or on the verge of conflict prior to ICfC intervention.

Learn more about our pilot projects here: Pilot Projects

Last year, we launched a promising partnership with a nonpartisan Israeli NGO, Ossim Shalom (OS). Like ICfC, OS identifies dialogue as the most basic and effective tool of social work. Owing to its widespread presence throughout Israel – it employs some 1,600 social workers – OS brings extensive local connections to the partnership and has allowed ICfC to scale up significantly its national presence. In May 2010, ICfC trained 26 OS facilitators in the method of Historical Conciliation. Following their training, these mediators conducted successful workshops in four “hot spot” communities. We hope to reach out to six more communities in need of intervention within the next year.

Learn more about our partnership with Ossim Shalom:ICfC-OS Partnership

Based on such an active engagement and leadership development at the community level, formerly opposed Israeli Jews and Arabs who never imagined they would be able to converse or work peacefully with each other are taking joint actions to reinforce their redefined relations and to strengthen their communities.

Bits and Pieces from Israel and its Partnerships:

Partnership between the Beodouin leader Kher Albaz and ICfC Advisory Council member Yosef Abramowitz moves forward and gets media attention.
This recent article published in Haaretz was written by Yosef Abramowitz, ICfC’s Advisory Council member, and Kher Albaz, ICfC’s Senior Fellow and International Trainer. Mr. Albaz and Mr. Abramowitz were brought together by ICfC President and Founder Hillel Levine to discuss the problems of the Bedouins living in the Negev. This article communicates how an entrepreneurial association can enable Bedouins to contribute to the environment through growing and using solar energy in Israel, while strengthening their economic standing, educating their children, and fully participating in a pluralistic society.

Past Reports:

  1. Confronting Painful Pasts in Building Better Futures for Arabs and Jews in Beersheva, January 2011
  2. Haifa Grassroots Leadership Group Report, October 2010
  3. Yaffo Womens Group Report, October 2010
  4. Municipal Managers from the Haifa Youth Authority, February 2011


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