Western Europe

In many Western European cities, government officials are struggling to quell the growing tensions between native Europeans and immigrants from the Middle East.  ICfC has begun advisory work with the leaders of many cities such as Amsterdam and Berlin, who are exploring the benefits of collaboration and cooperation in finding solutions to this problem between the majority and minority population.  We hope that ICfC’s experience with and knowledge of conciliation and dialogue can help mend community relations and prevent future violence.



The road to peace is challenging, to say the least.  ICfC is respectful of the efforts of others, including state and local governments in the international community, who work tirelessly to address and resolve the political issues that contribute to conflicts.  The ICfC methodology, however, digs deeper, bringing out pained memories as part of the healing process.  The ICfC approach not only leads to conflict resolution that produces positive outcomes, but also focuses on fostering community leadership, enabling continued peace-building and further healing.

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